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Our Vision


Empowering tomorrow’s innovators to thrive in a
digital future through fun, immersive environments.

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Coding is the new Literacy

Coding has been called "the literacy of the 21st century” for good reason. Just like math, science, and literature, coding is a key aspect of understanding our technologically-advanced world.

There’s a huge need for a generation that not only understands technology, but how it works.

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Problem Solvers

At its simple core, coding is the process of solving multiple problems, including self-made ones. This means that kids develop lasting perseverance while learning in our programs.

Computational Thinkers

The foundation of coding is simple: Mastering the thought process for creating solutions that can be carried out by computers. Another term for this is "computational thinking". This learnable skill empowers kids to be strong thinkers, no matter which career they choose.


Most kids play video games, at Code Ninjas we teach them how to make their own. Kids today are spending more time than ever consuming digital media which is why it's important to teach them how to produce it.

Become a Code Ninja

Invest in your child’s future and unlock their full potential through coding today!

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