Code Ninjas is committed to the health and safety of families and communities at our locations across the globe. In response to COVID-19, we have taken a flexible approach that allows our independently-owned locations to adapt safely to restrictions and guidelines in accordance with their local authorities.

With the increased demand for daytime and virtual learning opportunities, our locations are proud to offer program options to help busy parents who are in need of educational assistance for their children in a safe and trusted setting. Details of these offerings along with our recommended safety procedures are as follows:


We have introduced virtual ways to engage homebound children in a fun and productive manner through programs such as Virtual Camps. These activities may be offered exclusively online or in tandem with in-person sessions in the dojo. We also encourage you to follow our blog for informative articles and free activities that are published on a regular basis.


As parents struggle with virtual classes for their children this school year, our new Code Ninjas Power Up program is here to help – we provide a safe space for children to learn and grow during the school day in a fun and educational environment. Outside of classwork, your children can build valuable skills through fun coding and STEM activities based on our world-class curriculum. Receive full support and guidance from our friendly, tech-savvy Code Senseis®, with strict safety measures in place at all times.


In areas with eased restrictions, we have instructed our locations to be fully prepared and take extra precautions as they open their doors. The guidance we have provided to ensure cleanliness and safety include:

  • Cleanliness
    • Increased frequency of professional cleaning
    • Increased frequency of in-house cleaning by employees, especially devices, tables, door handles, bathrooms, and other frequently-used surfaces
    • Thorough sanitation of student workspaces and equipment, including computers, monitors, and mice, between every student session
    • No food or drink permitted in the lobby or dojo (coffee bar temporarily closed)
  • Social Distancing
    • Increased distance between individual student workstations in the dojo
    • Careful monitoring and enforcement of no-contact interactions
    • Reduced student capacity in the dojo as needed, in accordance with local regulations
  • Personal Health & Hygiene
    • Increased enforcement of proper hand washing and hygiene etiquette (e.g. using tissue to cover coughs and sneezes), alongside strict sick policies
    • Increased volume of sanitation stations
    • Additional safety measures based on regional guidance


Our locations are locally-owned, family-run businesses. Please contact your nearby location to learn more about program availability and specific safety procedures. As we continue to carefully monitor and adapt to this ongoing situation, we truly appreciate your continued support and can’t wait to safely welcome our ninjas back into our dojos.