Code Ninjas At-Home

Keep your Kids Engaged

We realize these are challenging times for housebound families. Let Code Ninjas keep your kids engaged, coding, and having fun!

Complete fun activities that put your kid’s ninja coding skills to the test and show off what they’ve learned

Learn by building video games that kids love

Encourage productive and creative screen time

Boost problem solving and critical thinking skills

Receive ongoing support and guidance from our Code Senseis®

Boy using a laptop

Fun Weekly Challenges

A new coding adventure awaits every week! Ninjas will receive new projects to flex their creative muscles and sharpen their ninja coding skills at home.

Apply what you’ve learned in the dojo and let your imagination run wild as you build video games your way across different skill levels, from ScratchJr and Scratch, to Minecraft and Roblox. When you’re done, you’ll have an awesome game to share with your friends!

A man and a kid using a laptop

Free Activities & Resources

Ninjas of all skill levels can explore computer science through Scratch, JavaScript, and even C#, all without any prior coding knowledge! Try our free Hour of Code activities to uncover the wonders of coding and learn new skills. In addition, check out our blog for fun at-home coding ideas and activities curated by our Education Team.

Girl using laptop

Productive Screen Time

With kids stuck at home, it’s no surprise that screen time has been on the rise, but time spent on the computer can be very rewarding! That’s where Code Ninjas comes in.

Coding is a powerful outlet that encourages kids to actively bring ideas to life, instead of just playing or passively watching something on screen. We make learning to code fun for kids – they aren’t even aware that they’re learning!

Boy and girl using a laptop

Boost Essential Skills

With Code Ninjas, kids gain valuable skills that go beyond computer programming know-how: from critical thinking and problem solving, to confidence and teamwork – these are essential skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Code Ninjas Sensei

Ongoing Sensei Support

Ninjas are never alone in their coding endeavors – help from a Code Sensei® is always just a click away! Our Code Senseis are passionate about coding and working with kids.

With guided online sessions and videos, our Senseis will walk you through fun and engaging activities so you can have a blast and never worry about getting stuck.

Become a Code Ninja

Invest in your child’s future and unlock their full potential through coding today!

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